CCFJ Cadets participating in Space, Aviation & Satellite Research Training Programme at Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad. The Space Summer School, being arranged by the National Centre of GIS and Space Applications (NCGSA).  SSS 2022 will encompass a wide range of space knowledge, focusing on regional and global perspectives. The journey of space knowledge will move from Earth and accelerate to the wonders of deep space, spanning milestones in the atmosphere, aviation, rocketry, satellite technology, and astronomy and astrophysics. The school will conclude with a space-themed competition "Dr.Abdus Salam Space Contest".

The NCGSA Chairman, Dr. Najam Abbas Naqvi, was the main guest at the opening ceremony of the Space Summer School organized by the Space Education Research Lab, NCGSA's partner laboratory, which would last until July 29.The SSS is a specialized annual program specifically designed to stimulate the interest of the young generation in the rapidly growing and promising field of space science, technology and its applications and will help our cadets to learn the required goals. .Since its inception in 2017, SSS has brought together over 1,000 students from across Pakistan to educate and equip young space enthusiasts with the latest trends, technologies and research their achievements in the space sector, as well as it will educate our cadets on the applications of directly contributing space technologies to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The 2022 SSS encapsulates a vast spectrum of space knowledge, focusing on the regional and global perspective. There are six exploration tracks that cover a wide range of topics.

The journey of space knowledge for our cadets will start from Earth and accelerates towards the wonders of deep space, covering the paths of atmosphere, aviation, rockets, satellite technology, astronomy and astrophysics. Fatehians participated in 2022 Space Summer School in category for students in grades 6-12: Abecedarian (grades 5-8) and Virtuoso (grades 9-12), providing Cadets with a lifelong learning experience and a unique educational experience through interactive lectures, organized by themes Hands-on events, workshops, technical demonstrations and webinars from experts.The school offers a navigation scavenger hunt, career counseling session, and astronomy observation night through the largest publicly owned telescope.