(a) Fee for the term once deposited is NOT refundable. However the amount deposited for security is refundable. This security fees is refundable only in case of session. If the Cadet is enrolled in 6th class his session will be completed after Matriculation. Similarly the session for first year will end after their final result of 2nd Year.

(b) All college and other dues are to be paid within the stipulated target date.

(c) If the fee remains unpaid by the due date, a fine of Rs. 500/- will be charged for the first week and Rs. 1000/- for the remaining three weeks. Any cadet, whose fee is not paid within a month after the due date, his name is liable to be struck off from the college and may be re-admitted on payment of re-admission Fee of Rs. 10,000/- at the discretion of the admission committee/Principal.

(d) In case of withdrawal by parents or guardians, the cadet will have to pay full fees for the term in which he is withdrawn. There is no provision of part adjustment / refund / remission of the amount billed, even if a cadet remains on the college roll for a part of term. The college administration will not be responsible for the Cadets luggage after 6 days of the absence.

(e) When a cadet is enrolled he has to complete the session. In case he leaves college, he must have to inform the administration two months before otherwise he has to pay advance fee of two months only then he will be given the college leaving certificate.

(f) It is observed that a smart, well stitched and clean uniform always enhances the image of both college and cadets as well. The excessive use of uniform throughout the year, need replacement. The single kit will cost approximately Rupees 10,000/- to the each Cadet which noted as mandatory.

(g) No cadet shall be allowed to appear in any Board’s examination or for the annual examination, unless his accounts have been settled in full by the date on which the examination begins.

(h) The cadets appearing for the Board’s examination will pay the messing and boarding fee up to the end of calendar month in which their Board Examination finishes. Board’s Registration & Examination Fee will be charged from the cadet.

(i) Rs. 1000/- (One Thousand Only) will be charged as fee for college leaving certificate.