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  • Ahsan Ali
    Kit No. 2914

    Field Safety Engineer, National Drilling Company Abu Dhabi

  • Zeeshan Ahmed
    Kit No. 3806

    Sr. Exective (Technical), NADRA, Haripur.

  • Junaid Iqbal Kichi
    Kit No. 2809

    Advocate Lahore Highcourt

  • Major Umar Farooq
    Kit No. 5122

    71 Baloch Regt. Pakistan Army

  • Faraz Akmal
    Kit No. 1801

    Telecom Engineer, Ericsson Oman, Muscat

  • Anas Saleem
    Kit No. 5135

    Aeronautical Engineering, PAF Academy, Rasalpur

  • Capt. Junaid Amin
    Kit No. 7119

    Second Lft. Pak Army (PMA Kakol)

  • Capt. Shoaib Shafiq
    Kit No. 7126

    Second Lft. Pak Army (PMA Kakol)

  • Hasnain Ahmed
    Kit No. 1820

    IT Officer, UBL Headquarter, Karachi

  • Faisal Nawaz
    Kit No. 1822

    IT Support Engineer, ETSAC,UK

  • Dr. Ali Raza
    Kit No. 1701

    Chandka Medical College, Larkana

  • Flt. Lt Hassan Zahid
    Kit No. 7132

    78 CAE Pak Air Force (Academy Risalpur)

  • Flt. Lt Jawad Ahmed Abbasi
    Kit No. 7124

    Flt. Lt , Pakistan Air Force

  • Elim ud Din
    Kit No. 1813

    Jr. Engineer, OGDCL Gothki Sindh

  • Zulfiqar Qurban
    Kit No. 8801

    J.C. Officer, Pakistan Air Force

  • Syed Abbas Zadidi
    Kit No. 5138

    Assistant Bank Manger Faisal Bank Karachi

  • Hamza Akhtar
    Kit No. 11127

    J.C. Officer, Pakistan Air Force

Amjad Ali

"Joining CCFJ was best academic decision I have ever made. I was really on the fence about life of army personals and for the most part was leaning towards not going. I cannot express how happy I am that I decided to go because it is an experience unlike any other."